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23 listopada 2011
About us

mala fotkaThe roots of our activity go back to the Social Movement "Freedom and Peace", which in the 1980s was a part of anticommunist opposition. In addition to political activities our main focus has been the protection and preservation of nature.

The Foundation was formally registered on 17 September 1991 as the O艂awa and Nysa K艂odzka Foundation and has since then been active in environmental protection and in promoting sustainable development. Its founder is Rados艂aw Gawlik.

From the very beginning, we actively supported social initiatives based on ecological values and we introduced innovations in environmental protection, for example in the fields of energy and waste. Moreover, we actively work on protecting the nature and we also run ecological classes. In 2013, we opened EcoCenter Wroc艂aw, a regional ecological education center. We actively cooperate with public institutions, local governments, universities, and schools. We also work with social institutions such as the Polish Green Network, the Climate Coalition and the Lower Silesian Smog Alarm. The scope of our activity is expanding. Today we run projects at local, regional, national and international level.

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